To Tweet or Not to Tweet… Level: Newbie

It is a great honor to be selected as a guest blogger at The Raging Empath. I decided to share my experience so far as an almost 1-month “tweeter” – if that is what it is called. When I started blogging three years ago, I had decided against using social media – which I now […]

Lazy Random Goodness

Somewhat of a lazy blog post, so to speak. I’m simply sharing random goodness in this post, rather than writing original content or adding my own commentary. Enjoy this as a placeholder until I can get my next real post up. Thanks for being patient!     Share the goodness!! #theragingempath

Say Hello to Sarah!

Schools out for Parents! In more ways than one. Anyone ever feel like the world (& by that I often mean schools) is against working parents, especially at the end of term. I constantly feel like I’m failing as a mum because I can’t make every open afternoon, sports day, fete, play, singing competition & […]

The Vulnerability Paradox

Remember Resistance is futile? We’ve talked about adopting an attitude of nonresistance, of surrendering to the present moment, accepting it without trying to change it or judge it, as though you have chosen it to be exactly what it is. When we stop struggling, we float. It’s the law.  We saw an alternate definition of […]

Meet Mascha!

Is it possible to go zero waste? The ones who know my blog already know that I blog about recycling & DIY projects and green living in general. In my researches I came across the words “zero waste” and I got curious. Is it really possible to go zero waste? My answer to this question […]

The Odd-Zen of Self-Discovery

I had a feeling I tried to name. It took me a while. It was empty, but calm, strangely calm, as though something was out of place or maybe the calm before the storm? But it was peaceful. So strangely serene. The only way I could describe it was as odd zen. I like it, […]